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Smart locks offer you the convenience of locking and unlocking your doors via fingerprint, keypad, and remotely. However, most smart locks are battery-powered, and batteries don’t last forever, so eventually, you’ll have to replace them.

Please refer to this article for the timeline to replace the Smart Lock batteries.

Do All Smart Locks Need Batteries?

The only downside to smart door locks is that they require a power source and will not work without one. However, if the smart lock also has a normal key, you can still operate the lock mechanism yourself. Many smart locks use standard AA or AAA batteries, but some come with rechargeable batteries.

How long do batteries last in smart locks ?

Look at some reputable smart locks that use batteries for maximum performance.

1.August Smart Lock Battery Life

August’s team estimates that the batteries should last 3 to 6 months. That’s a shorter recommended life than the promised six months to one year for older AA models. According to August, the number one factor in battery life is the quality of your WiFi connection. If the lock has to connect to an access point constantly, you will notice faster consumption. How often you lock and unlock the door affects battery life, especially over data or WiFi connections.

As with the previous August smart locks, the good news is, you can still use a physical key to open your door even if the smart lock is dead.

2. Nest Yale Lock Battery Life

The batteries lasted 6 months in the new nest before they had to be replaced. I was expecting the batteries to last longer, as my other lock batteries lasted between 12 months; when batteries are low Nest Lock alerts you with notifications in the Nest app and a flashing red battery icon on the front of the lock.

While the battery life of the Nest Yale lock doesn’t match the lock I had in the past, its advanced features and simple user interface make the Nest Yale lock my favorite smart lock right now.

Video : How Long Do The Nest x Yale Smart Lock Batteries Last?

3. August Smart Lock Pro Battery Life

The batteries in the August Smart Lock Pro should last around 3-6 months, with fluctuations depending on the frequency of use of the lock. However, several Smart Lock Pro owners have found that battery life seems to vary.

August Smart Lock Pro shows you in various ways when the battery is almost empty. A flashing red light will appear on the Smart Lock Pro, and you will also receive a notification from the August app. These warnings should give you enough time to replace the batteries before they are completely drained.

4. August Wifi Smart Lock Battery Life

The August Wifi Smart Lock uses two CR123 batteries because it is smaller than the four AA batteries used in the August Smart Lock Pro. August says the Smart Lock batteries should last up to 6 months.

One pretty clever feature is that when you link your August lock to Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa can recognize when the lock’s batteries are running low and automatically asks you for a new pair.

5. Schlage Connect Battery Life

We estimate that the batteries in Schlage Connect should last 1-2 years before they need to be replaced. The excellent battery life of the Schlage Connect touchscreen deadbolt comes at a price.

However, it would be best to buy a Z-Wave home hub first, which can be pretty expensive. Still, the benefits of Z-Wave technology outweigh the costs.

6. Schlage Sense Battery Life

The lock works for a year, according to Schlage, before the batteries require to be replaced, and they recommend replacing all at the same time for maximal functionality.

Although I cannot guarantee battery life, as I have only installed the lock for a little over 2 months, I can report that the Schlage Home app shows 100% of my batteries even after my first few tests.

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7. Longest Battery Life Smart Lock : Kwikset Halo Battery Life

Smart lock with longest lasting battery is Kwikset Halo, based on regular use (10 times a day).

According to our research, Kwikset smart locks typically have long-lasting batteries of 12 months and up, as they rely on Z-Wave for connectivity. On average, the batteries in Z-Wave-based smart locks last longer than those in Wi-Fi-based locks.

We noticed the touchpad was a bit difficult to activate at times. To extend the life of the four AA batteries, the screen is blank when not in use, and you must touch it to activate it.

We found the trick was to tap the metal frame around the touchscreen with one finger and tap the screen with another.

Buy it in Amazon : Kwikset Halo

What Happens If The Smart Lock Battery Dies ?

Your Smart Lock gives you weeks of low battery warnings before power is lost. However, your lock key will still work if you allow your Smart Lock battery to die completely before changing.

Although each model of the smart lock is different, the process is likely to be the same. The only tool needed for DIY is a screwdriver; the battery compartment is usually on the inside cover of the lock, so you will need to loosen the screws, which hold the cover in place.

How To Improve Battery Life For Smart Lock ?

The best advice to improve the battery life of your smart lock is to buy lithium batteries. Unlike normal AA batteries, lithium batteries are more reliable.

Many suggest that a lithium battery can last twice as long as an average alkaline battery. With that as your foundation, you can expect a lithium-ion smart lock to last a long, long time.

For greater efficiency, you can attach a Lithium Smart Lock to a Z-Wave hub. This configuration not only promises exceptional features; you also get great battery life, which makes things easy.

It is advisable to check that your Smart Lock can use lithium batteries before making the purchase. Using lithium batteries for a non-lithium smart lock can cause significant damage.

The battery life of Smart locks : Conclusion

Smart locks are great, but having one can be less enjoyable when batteries need to be replaced repeatedly. Therefore, choose a model that guarantees optimal energy efficiency. Still, there are other factors to consider when buying smart locks besides efficiency (long battery life). Ideally, buy a smart lock that offers a balance of functionality, durability, and affordability.

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