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RFID Door Lock trend now and many don’t know the difference. Smart locks are electronic locks that work without physical keys and therefore increase security. If you’ve ever been locked out of your home or are looking to improve your home security, read on to find out everything you need to know about smart locks before you get one.

We wrote this article on smart door locks to give you an overview of RFID Door Locks .

Best RFID Door locks in 2022

1. Samsung SHS-3321: Digital Door Lock With RFID

One thing about Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock is that it is easy to use, sleek and stylish, it’s modern and out of the box with exceptional durability. After installing the lock, time passed, and I got to know the Samsung SHS-3321 digital door lock a little better.

Two things that made this digital lock the best are its shock resistance and the fact that it works with RFID. Installing this lock is not something a newbie can do alone, so it would be best to have someone around while you do it.

Features: Samsung SHS-3321

  • Withstands chilly temperatures and is weather-resistant
  • Has a fire alarm sensor and a built-in alarm
  • It has various anti-tampering functions that make it more secure.

Pros and Cons : Samsung SHS-3321


  • Built-in fire alarm with automatic unlocking,
  • Battery backup system,
  • RFID reader.


  • No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capability.

You can use Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock on residential or commercial doors thanks to the universal backset.

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Samsung SHS-3321 – Installation & Programming

2. Rfid locking system with bluetooth: Laxre Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

Laxre smart door lock isn’t your regular Smart door locks with RFID, and sometimes you had to try twice. I finally swapped my old lock for this one, and it’s so much better. Pin or fingerprint, it unlocks very quickly and is also silent. Batteries are included, which is a bonus.

Setting up fingerprints is easy, and in my case, I set up 2 fingerprints per person in less than 10 minutes. The touchscreen is nice and responsive. It looks very classy as the numbers disappear when not in use.

Features: Laxre Bluetooth…Rfid locking system with bluetooth

  • Laxre door lock with RFID Supports IOS and Android devices!
  • Touch and access with advanced fingerprint technology, 200 fingerprints, and up to 150 user codes.
  • Easy to install in minutes with just a screwdriver by following a short installation video!

Pros and Cons : Laxre Bluetooth


  • Very convenient to use, and adding fingerprint,
  • Has auto-lock function,
  • Very easy to install.


  • We don’t have any yet!

There is a plastic sheet on the screen that you can remove. It’s hardly noticeable, but it looks so much cleaner when you take it off.

3. Visionis FPC-5338 : RFID Smart Locks

Visionis FPC-5338 makes our Smart locks RFID list because of its quality. This system is mainly used to give certain people access to a room, office, or building. This kit has two access options, a wireless remote and a keypad.

You can let people in by clicking on the RF wireless remote control. The remote control communicates with the wireless receiver, which can program up to 50 remote controls and has a range of 160 feet.

You can use a proximity card, use the keypad, or use a key fob. This keypad allows up to 500 users through one of three access options.

More Features about Visionis FPC-5338

  • Magnetic Door Lock with LED Sensor
  • Access Control Standalone RFID Indoor Digital Touch Keypad Reader
  • Indoor-outdoor weather protection IP65 stainless steel

Visionis FPC-5338 : Pros And Cons


  • Easy to install and use,
  • Visionis FPC works with RFID,
  • Waterproof and usable in any climate!


  • Lack of detailed instructional manual.

The device is also easy to install but easier when someone is around to help you. Popular uses for this kit are for offices, commercial buildings, or any room that requires restricted access.

4. ETEKJOY Door Lock 3-In-1 With RFID

One of the Smart door locks with RFID designed for interior doors in home and office, such as bedroom doors and office doors. Three unlocking methods enable you to access the lock comfortably and safely. You can unlock it with an RFID card, mechanical key, or password.

You can add and delete card/password users freely. – RFID card users: 2 administrators and 200 guests maximum With 1 password for administrator and 50 guests maximum.

More Features : ETEKJOY Door Lock 3-In-1

  • Fit standard single-close door, 1.38”- 1.77 door thickness, 2-3 / 8
  • Suitable for left and right-hand doors, and automatically lock again after unlocking!
  • It comes with the beautiful 3 unlocking methods!

Pros And Cons : ETEKJOY Door Lock 3-In-1


  • It looks and feels great,
  • Easy to install with long-lasting batteries!
  • Low battery alarm.


  • Good for interior doors (home or office) only.

If you have questions about installation, email Customer Support, they will help with any installation questions or troubleshooting.

5. VOLIBeL A32B : Smart Card Door lock

Here is one of the Smart Card Door lock that need three holes in the door to install the lock. If your door only has one hole, you will need to drill more holes. Or it has two holes, it is also fine, but if you open the door often, there may be some slack, so 3 holes is recommended.

You will see this VOLIBeL A32B lock more often in workplaces. It enables you to use a card or a key fob to unlock the doors. You necessitate the key fob/card to be pressed on the lovely RFID reader; you can unlock it remotely.

This Smart Card Door lock has a powerful function and is convenient to use. The USER configured fingerprints, codes, and cards to guarantee the highest possible security.

More Features : VOLIBeL A32B lock

  • Fit interior doors of your home and office. Not suitable for outdoor use.
  • Suitable for right-hand and left doors!
  • Unlocking through the application, fingerprint, mechanical key, and RFID code!

Pros And Cons : VOLIBeL A32B lock


  • The design is impressive, which makes it look and feel valuable,
  • Fairly easy installation,
  • Come with a covered outdoor shed.


  • Customer support could be better.

Unless you are a professional installer, this does not mean that you cannot install Smart Locks, it just means that you have to try a little more (read the manual) beforehand. You can install this lock, but it is better to have someone help you.

Best RFID Door locks : Conclusion

Before jumping on the bandwagon and investing in RFID Door Locks, narrow down the options to your preferred access methods, security features, and a comfortable budget. With these tips and insider trivia, getting the smart door locks you want with RFID is no longer a daunting task.

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