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We talk about Smart Lock For Sliding Patio Door today since most homeowners install sliding doors to enhance their home decor and enjoy refreshing moments. Whatever gives you a pleasant view in the morning or comfortable performances, but ultimately it’s a vulnerable zone.

The simple locking mechanism makes it easy for burglars to access your home. Therefore, it makes more sense to increase the security of the sliding doors with additional steps. Using a Sliding Door Smart Lock is one of them.

Is It Possible To Put A Smart Lock On My Sliding Door?

A burglary incident worried me a lot, so I started researching smart locks, which I could use on a sliding glass door. I also discovered the weak points of a sliding glass door.

The main weak point is that the entire door is glass; they can easily break with little effort. Sliding doors also have a latch locking mechanism that a skilled burglar can easily fool.

My research also showed me that no company had ever made a real smart lock for a sliding door. However, there are smart locks for sliding doors.

Are Sliding Door Locks Secure?

Will the Sliding Door Smart Lock allow additional automation and keyless entry? Several questions ran through my mind, and then I came across some remarkable locks that have served a much greater purpose in recent years.

This article is about those smart locks that made my home safer than it used to be.

Best Smart Locks For Sliding Doors

1. Hornbill Smart Lock : Smart Lock For Sliding Patio Door

Hornbill is a renowned company that prides itself on having many multinational engineers, designers, product specialists, and marketers passionate about creating innovative products.

This Sliding Door Smart Lock has a keyless entry that gives you true freedom. You will certainly enjoy great convenience as this lock will make your property more secure. You will be impressed with its 5-in-1 access features.

Features Hornbill Smart Lock :

  • Smartphone fingerprints.
  • Keyless entry mechanism
  • Lock using passcodes or fobs.

2. Ultraloq Smart Lock : Smart Lock For Sliding Patio Door

This Ultraloq Smart Lock is an incredibly versatile and secure digital lock that ensures your home has a 5-in-1 keyless lock for your sliding door. This Sliding Door Smart Lock is by far the best overall package, offering you and your loved ones optimal comfort, security, and flexibility.

This ingenious lock design allows you to remotely open and control your door, even when it is not yours. It gives you the ability to monitor every activity on your sliding door.

The Sliding Door Smart Lock provides perfect access to your family’s busy life with its robust and straightforward zinc alloy design. It is made of durable and waterproof material that guarantees it will perform in all weather.

Features :

  • Identifies your fingerprint in split seconds
  • Control your Smart Lock from anywhere
  • Google Assistant and Alexa control.

 3. Eufy Smart Lock : Sliding Patio Door Smart Lock

The Eufy touch lock is a sophisticated device that will revolutionize your home security. This lock effortlessly protects your privacy, your family, and your property with sophisticated encryption technology and advanced materials.

The Sliding Door Smart Lock allows you to give access to people you trust and gives you easy access to your home.


  • Smart Lock Touch supports Wi-Fi
  • Recognizes your fingerprint in split seconds,
  • Five unlocking methods

4. AKASO Smart Lock

This AKASO has been around for a while, and the lock has a fantastic touch screen keypad back-lit with a blue light so you can see in the dark. The padlock allows you to invite people you trust to your home and give them access.

You can use this keyless Sliding Door Smart Lock remotely for your sliding door, and you don’t have to be home in person, which gives you great convenience.

Features :

  • Support passwords for convenience.
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior doors
  • You can assign temporary codes to guests

5. COOLOUS Smart Lock

This Sliding Door Smart Lock guarantees you a 4-in-1 access option. And, its Bluetooth power makes this outstanding. You can lock and unlock it remotely with this impressive Bluetooth feature.

COOOLUS has a battery backup function and supports fingerprint swipe technology. It can also connect automatically when you turn on the device after five seconds in sleep mode.

Features COOLOUS Smart Lock:

  • Incredible Bluetooth technology
  • Manage user fingerprint input
  • A robust battery power

How To Choose A Sliding Door Smart Lock

Below are the main things to keep in mind when looking for the best smart locks for your sliding doors:

  • Features ( Pros and Cons)
  • Lock Type
  • Connectivity (Wifi or BLE)
  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Warranty

Smart Locks for Sliding Doors : Conclusion

Our Smart Sliding Door Locks review determines these best digital sliding door locks and our preferred choice overall. 

Sliding Door Smart Lock does a fantastic job of bringing you top-notch remote control security for your home. If you’re looking for the best electronic sliding door lock, the ones listed here are our picks, and you can’t go wrong with any!

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