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A Outdoor lock box for keys is the way to go when you constantly need to have a spare key under your doormat, in a flowerpot, or with a neighbor, then it seems like it’s time to invest in a key lockbox. You don’t want to be the unwitting victim of an opportunistic thief with nothing more ingenious to do than peek under your welcome mat!   

Outdoor lock box for keys can make it easy to exchange keys and make your home more secure. After considering various factors, we’ve curated a list of our top product recommendations in the “Best Outdoor Key Safe” category. Continue reading to discover more about each option and select the lock that aligns with your specific needs.

Best Outdoor Lock Box for Keys in 2022

1. weatherproof Lock Box : KeyGuard SL-590

This outdoor key lock box is weather-resistant, comes with a removable protective cover, and is made of reinforced metal. Each KeyGuard SL-590 offers space for up to 8 keys, access cards, and business cards.

You can secure your keys for others and make sure no one gets locked out. A lockable loop on the shackle release on the lock box allows you to secure the shackle with a small brass padlock. 

Those who have access to the keys cannot even remove the lockbox. The large buttons on the SL590’s keypad make setting and changing the code easily. 

Weatherproof Outdoor Lockbox For Keys : KeyGuard SL-590… Features

  • Easy to install and use,
  • Weather-resistant protects against the elements,
  • Metal housing and locking mechanisms.


  • Could hold credit card-sized object,
  • Well enough in terrible weather!
  • Strong.


  • Customer support is slow

The KeyGuard SL-590 key safe can be easily attached to any surface and protect your keys with your private password!

2. Outdoor Lock Box with code: KeyGuard Pro SL-590-CVR

This Guard Pro outdoor key lock box is the perfect solution for homeowners, property managers, brokers, vacation rentals, and emergency access for anyone who needs to keep their keys. KeyGuard Pro SL-590-CVR has a very large metal casing that is extremely strong and is made of non-ferrous material that does not rust. The thick rubber cover that surrounds the KeyGuard also protects the mechanisms from the elements.

This outdoor key lock box also has a large internal capacity that allows users to store keys, key fobs, access cards, or other items. The keypad style also allows the user to create number combinations for easy input.

More Features : KeyGuard Pro SL-590-CVR

  • Lock box with a programmable mechanical code
  • Perfect solution for homeowners or outdoors
  • Work great on any weather


  • Easy to install and easy to use!
  • Durable,
  • It’s easy to give instructions to guests


  • Not gotten any.

The KeyGuard’s familiar keypad input allows easy-to-remember or number combinations make it easy to operate in low-light conditions.

3. ORIA Key Lock Box Outdoor

The ORIA Outdoor key lock box is a secure key storage tool. It is a perfect solution for storing spare keys. It’s a simple iPhone-sized storage device that can be attached to a door handle or on the wall. If a key is locked in the box, then open with a manually entered code. Like bicycle locks, it differs in strength, size, and dial format.

While previous generations of key boxes had their keys that were needed to open, this outdoor key box requires a four-digit security code to access its contents.

ORIA Key Lock Box Outdoor : More Features.

  • Fashionable design with eco-friendly colors
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy and convenient to place on a solid wall


  • Changeable 4-digit combination,
  • The lock box is easy to install,
  • Hold up well in the weather.


  • The combination dial has small knobs.

The ORIA keyed padlock is typically wrapped around doorknobs or fences on the outside of the property, and can easily be permanently mounted to walls or other flat surfaces.

4. Outdoor Key Safe: Iron Lock – XXL

Our outdoor lock box for keys has a remarkable balance of strength and is easy to use. This high-security key box for outdoor use ensures your keys and access cards are safe, and you will not be blocked! They made the specifications of our key box of zinc-aluminum alloy, which is durable and provides safe protection. This safe protects against the combination of weather, dirt, and molded material that protects the box from breakage.

Iron Lock – XXL not only stores your keys and cards with your access code entry but also has a large internal cavity that makes it easy to storemany keys and access cards. Now you will feel secure knowing that it will not lock you and others out.

More Features : Iron Lock – XXL Key Lock Box

  • Made of the best quality with durable materials
  • Protect your keys and cards with your password entry
  • The large interior makes it easy to store many keys.


  • Durable materials,
  • Metal body,
  • Easy installation.


  • Seemed heavy for some.

Iron Lock – XXL comes with two hanging hooks and four screws, one screw anchor that makes installation and assembly easy. It is equally important that the key box gives you a sense of security, knowing that you have an extra set of keys on hand.

5. Key Storage Security Lock, Vision-Life

This outdoor key lock box allows you to set your combination code with unique options that ensure the safety of your keys. Security lock for key storage, Vision-Life is airtight and waterproof, strong enough for the house key and outside key storage. There are 2 mounting options for this combination key lock. You can mount it on the wall with the supplied wall plugs and screws; plus, you can easily hang it anywhere, even near metal, doorknob, railing, and pipe – no tools required.

This 4-digit key box that allows you or others to access the key is perfect for daily activities, home services, emergency entry, pet sitting and real estate deals, etc.

More Features : Key Storage Security Lock

  • Has a great key store
  • The strong zinc alloy body withstands hammering and sawing.
  • It has a wide application to facilitate access and ensure safety.


  • Convenient and easy to fit,
  • Stainless, suitable for outdoor use,
  • Ideal for safe key storage.


  • Yet to have any.

When you are traveling or on business, you can insert your house keys, car keys, or access cards in this outdoor key lock box; The installation of this device is also simple.

Outdoor Lock Box for Keys : Conclusion

An Outdoor lock box for keys should be a long-lasting storage device designed to be placed on a wall and in other areas, which can safely store keys you may need to share with other persons. Look for some features that make these locks do what they claim, such as excellent materials, durability, usability, and storage capacity, which we have discussed in this review.

Now you can choose one of our proven outdoor key lock boxes since they all have the qualities you’re looking for. Thank you.

Best Key Lock Box – Reviews & Guide With Comparison!

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