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Today’s bike riders can set smart bike lock through mobile phone app and link it to other smart products in the room to achieve smart scene apps. It doesn’t matter if you leave for an hour or just five minutes. Depending on the bike and the type of protection, five minutes may be enough for a thief.

What Is A Smart Bike Lock ?

The lock that can communicate with your smartphone through an app is a smart bike lock, nothing else. Therefore, a normal bike lock with an alarm is not a smart lock. To be smart, you have to connect to your phone.

There are many to choose from. There are padlocks, frame locks, etc., those locks still exist, but tons of smart locks were disappearing as fast as they appeared.

What problems do smart bike locks solve, and how well do they solve these problems? Let’s look at some of the different locks.

Best Smart Locks For Bikes in 2024 : Which bike lock is best?

1. Linka Smart Bike Lock : A bluetooth bike lock

LINKA is a great innovative product and represents the highest-tech innovation we’ve seen in a bike lock. The LINKA protects your bike through a Bluetooth connection to your phone. 

This bluetooth bike lock attaches to your bike frame, so you don’t have to carry a lock with you. When your phone is in range, the LINKA will automatically unlock so you can get in and out. Efforts to steal your bike if a would-be thief doesn’t have your phone will be deterred by LINKA’s 9mm steel ring and makes cycling impossible.

Linka Smart Bike Lock : Features

  • Send notification to your phone
  • Uses an accelerometer
  • Built-in Screeching alarm sounds

Pros : Linka Smart Bike Lock

  • Auto unlock when you approach,
  • Your bike with your phone on you,
  • LINKA won’t auto-lock unless with your phone.

Cons : Linka Smart Bike Lock

  • Could improve Customer support

2. Waterproof Bike Lock with Alarm: Nulock Bluetooth keyless lock

Nulock Bluetooth keyless lock with smart keyless technology, making it one of the best smart locks! Nulock smart bike lock comes with a smartphone app that works with Apple iOS and Android via Bluetooth. It has a strong alarm function; if a thief tries to cut the cable or break this smart bike lock, the alarm sounds at 110 decibels to stop the thieves. The lock is sturdy with a 0.4 “braided cord; It is waterproof and requires AAA batteries to function.

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Nulock Bike Lock: Features

  • Convenience Keyless, No Combos
  • App work for Both iOS and Android
  • Alarm Intensity

Pros : Nulock Bike Lock

  • Lock using the passcode,
  • Paired device to reconnect even with low BT,
  • The previous flaw has been rectified,
  • Security that detects vibration is incredible.

Cons : Nulock Bike Lock

  • Some say it won’t unlock unless your phone sends.

3. Sherlock Bike Lock : GPS Smart bike lock

The Sherlock smart bike lock sends a message and then tracks the bike’s location for as long as the battery lasts. Of course, when you get back to the bike, remember to turn off the tracker, which I haven’t always thought of!

With regular use of your smart lock, the battery still lasts over 4 days. I keep a cell phone charger and cable in the garage to connect the Sherlock. Sherlock smart bike lock is easy to use. The Sherlock bicycle lock, hidden in one of its handlebars, does not change the look or style of the bike while it remains protected.

Features :

  • It comes with a braided line
  • Strong battery
  • Easy to install


  • Limitless Tracking,
  • Designed For Bikes,
  • Rechargeable,
  • No Compromise.


  • Some say it delays notifications.

4. Lattis Ellipse Keyless Smart Bike Lock

The Lattis Ellipse Keyless Smart Bike Lock is forged from hardened steel, similar to other premium bike locks. The shackle is flattened to make it harder to saw or sand. The Ellipse has built-in batteries. There are two ways of charging: via the micro USB port or the cleverly integrated solar panel.

The Ellipse app offers a hands-free alternative called Auto-Lock and Unlock. To use it, close the Ellipse around the bike and the rack, walk away, and the app automatically releases the lock. The same thing happens the other way around when unlocking: you have to go to the lock.

Features :

  • Built-in accelerometer.
  • Built-in crash detection.
  • Strong Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Keyless entry option, with a backup touchpad,
  • Compatible with Android from 4.4 upward and Apple iOS 9.1 or greater,
  • You can share a secure access code with friends?


  • The app needs some improvements.

5. Fingerprint bike lock : TouchLock Bike Pro

Fingerprint-enabled TouchLock Bike Pro locks elevate bike security to a whole new level. Bike locks smartphone-based are quickly replaced by touchlock bike Pro, which comes with a scanner to unlock your bike immediately.

The product is owned by Bio-Key, the manufacturer of all types of fingerprint-enabled locks. TouchLock Bike Pro, the company’s most advanced model, is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and a fingerprint scanner.

Features :

  • Controllable through an advanced app
  • Incredible weatherproof option
  • Capturing fingerprints always


  • Multiple user access,
  • Flawless fingerprint scanner,
  • Robust steel cable.


  • No security siren or alarm.

How To Choose A Smart Bike Lock ?

What kind of bike do you have? Is it a racing bike or an urban-type, which can carry a slightly heavier lock? How often do you use the smart bike lock?

You may appreciate a simpler system if you lock the bike more than 4 times a day, and should you go to different locations in which a bike rack isn’t always ready for you, buy more than just a U-lock. If you ride a commuter bike three times a week, the U-lock may be ideal for you.

How Much Are You Willing To Invest In Protection?

The answers to these questions should give you an idea of ​​what type of smart bike lock you will need and how comfortable it can become.

How to Choose a Smart Bike Lock?

Does the padlock come with a good frame mount bracket? If not, how are you going to carry it? What size of smart bike lock do you need? The smaller, the better, but will it be big enough to mount your frame + balance bike on a bike rack that you normally use?

If you are buoyant and concerned about the safety of your bike, we also recommend that you find other ways to secure your bike, such as securing your bike with a smart bike lock that boasts a GPS tracker.

Smart bike locks : Conclusion

The advanced encryption of these Smart Bike Locks gives us the assurance that they (thieves) will not hack into your Smart Locks. We are pretty impressed with these smart bike locks with easy setup, long battery life, weather-resistant capabilities, and lower price than the competition.

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