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Google home door lock is a must-have for the modern home. It makes it easier than ever to add security and convenient controls. Smart locks not only provide instant notifications when your door is unlocked and works with smart speakers, but they also allow you to easily give family, friends, or guests access to your home.

Smart Locks for Google home: Introduction

A smart door lock for google home must communicate with the rest of your smart home setup and with your phone. Most do so using one of the three most popular communication protocols: Bluetooth, Z-Wave, or WiFi. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

This guide will help you better understand the differences before you buy

This guide will help you better understand the differences before you buy; the most obvious thing is to connect to the home WiFi network. Still, another wireless network system known as Z-Wave is becoming increasingly popular as it is geared towards smart home use.

Which Smart locks compatible with Google home ?

A google home door lock‘s general idea is to make your life more convenient for smart locks, including remote access, voice control, and scenes.

With the Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa, you can set scenes like OK Google, good night, dim the lights, set the thermostat, and close the front door.

Best Smart Locks That work with Google Home in 2022

Here are the best Google Home smart locks to add to your home today:

1.Google Home Door Lock : Google Nest x Yale Lock

The Nest X Yale google home door lock is an impressive looking device with a small faceplate, an illuminated keypad, and a large back piece that fits in the back of the door. It’s available in nickel, black, and oil-rubbed bronze finishes, all of which have the same smooth, almost organic feel and are good for a clean, understated exterior design.

The Nest X Yale comes with a Nest Connect module that connects the Lock to your WiFi network. Installation is straightforward and not difficult, as some assume: Touch the Yale logo on the front, and the keyboard will light up and ask you to enter a keycode. We found this google home door Lock keyboard to be reliable in both dry and rainy conditions.

The Lock is powered by four AA batteries and emits an urgent beep when they are low. If you ignore the beeps until they turn off, the Lock can be temporarily powered by touching a 9-volt battery on the front panel’s bottom. As long as you have access to a battery, it shouldn’t lock.


  • All you may require is included in the package.
  • Very helpful customer service.
  • Many smart features.
  • Robust and durable design.


  • Frail battery cover.
  • Some say the setup is a bit complicated.

While this google home door lock may not have many extras, its simplicity can make it more appealing to older adults.

2. Smart Lock Google Home: Yale Assure Lever

The Yale Assure Lever google home door lock available in satin nickel bronze and polished brass; this Lock easily fits into a more traditional decor, although a keypad on each interior door makes it stand out. The design means the Yale Assure Lever Lock will only work on a standard door. Sliding doors or doors that use anything other than a normal striker and handle combination are not allowed.

There is no key option either, but there are two metal contacts on the front that you can press with a 9-volt battery to get a surge of power when the batteries run out.

The Installation of this google home door lock (link to Video Youtube for Installation) is simple but time-consuming. There are many small pieces and many stages. It only took us about an hour in total to stall it. You may not need to download the BILT app as recommended in the instructions; you want to go directly to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and downloading the August app is best.


  • Compatible with multiple smart home systems.
  • Tamper alert
  • Battery backup system


  • Must purchase Smart WiFi hub/module separately

Adding new users is a pretty straightforward process, whether you’re creating new codes using the keypad or one of the third-party apps with this google home door lock.

Video from Youtube : Review: Yale Assure Lever Lock Brings HomeKit to All Doors

3. Google home door lock : August Smart Lock +Connect

August also includes an optional DoorSense module. This is a sensor that is placed on the door frame near the Lock. After calibrating, the distance between the sensor and this google home door lock can tell the app if you left the door open. So it was nice to get a ping on my iPhone when the door was left open for a certain time which can be as short as 1 minute.

Smart Lock +Connect uses Bluetooth, and the Connect module acts as a bridge between the Lock and your WiFi network. This google home door lock allows you to view, lock, and unlock your Lock’s status from anywhere. However, if you have a 4th generation Apple TV within the Bluetooth range of your Smart Lock and the Lock is connected to HomeKit, the Apple TV will also act as that bridge.

The Connect module is perfect, though – plug it into a power outlet and set it up in the August app, and it allows all Android users in your home to access the Lock remotely from their phones, as HomeKit only works with iOS devices.

Everything in this google home door lock is sturdy and well made. The metal lock even has a nice texture where you grip and twist to activate the Lock manually. This Smart Lock is also easier to install and does not require a new set of keys.


  • Allows unlimited e-keys
  • Uses your existing deadbolt
  • Strong Bluetooth encryption


  • You will require a hub to connect to WiFi.

Because this google home door lock is attached to your existing deadbolt, you don’t have to worry about having a smart lock, and you always have the option of using your existing key if you run out of batteries.

4. August Home Smart Lock Pro + Connect


  • Integrated into many smart home platforms.
  • Has remote access.
  • Modifies existing deadbolt.


  • High prices.
  • Does not include a keypad.

Many love this google home door lock since August Smart Lock Pro takes a different approach. You can leave your current bar almost exactly as it is. Replace the interior with the August locking mechanism. And, you can control your Smart Lock from your phone, enable guest access and Lock and unlock the door automatically.

It can lock and unlock your door automatically, depending on your location. But do not worry; August is not an omniscient creature who always knows where you are. Bluetooth is only used to connect to your phone when you are nearby. Automatic locking is great if you never have to think about closing the door when you leave; this google home smart lock will do this for you when it detects that your phone is leaving, and you can see in August’s app that the door is closed.

August Smart Lock Pro can send notifications about almost everything that has to do with the door. It can alert you every time your spouse or children open the door; you can receive notifications when your door is locked, when it is unlocked and when your door is open and closed using this google home door lock.

August Smart Lock Pro is quite easy to install. It works with most single-cylinder latches, and the only additional tool you will need is a good screwdriver like Phillip’s head.

August Smart Lock Pro is a great choice if you want a google home door lock that allows you to keep your existing keys and works with many other smart home products.

5. Schlage Encode : Smart Lock Compatible Google Home

Schlage offers the Encode in two versions, each with light and dark colour options: the simple Century or the more elaborate Camelot décor. This home door lock functionality is the same regardless of the aspect chosen; the outward- control panel offers a 0-9 keypad with entering and quick-lock keys. You will get status LEDs to indicate WiFi connectivity, confirm button press, and display battery level.

The Lock’s inner element is much more practical: a large thumb rotates under the Lock’s battery box. The Schlage Encode is supplied as a complete kit to replace the existing independent cylinder bolt completely. This means that in addition to the front keypad and rear thumb guard, you also get a new locking bolt for the door frame with this google home door lock.

Installation of this google home door lock is incredibly simple and a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s no more complicated than turning a few screws. The front keyboard can be easily aligned with the bolt and securely attached to a mounting panel after passing it. All you have to do is connect the cable to the back and install it with another pair of screws.


  • Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Key, and Amazon Alexa.
  • Integrated into Ring Smart Doorbell Devices.
  • Super customizable.


  • The Schlage application might need a user interface overhaul.
  • Doesn’t work with Homekit or IFTT.

Schlage Encode can be integrated into existing smart home systems using the Google Assistant or Alexa, including Key by Amazon support for deliveries!

What To Look For in Smart Door Locks for Google Home ?

WiFi may be the easiest system to use, as it is probably already installed. Smart door locks for Google Home offer many benefits, and they certainly seem to be the way to go. The google home door lock offers greater comfort and eases of use and complements other aspects of a smart home.

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