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Fingerprint Biometric lock uses your unique fingerprint to unlock the device. Thus, you can avoid annoying digital codes or passwords that you will never remember. The importance of door locks to the security of your property is not unknown. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking; just because you have a lock on your door and use it, you are protected from being a victim of theft.

This is certainly not the case. Thieves have a wide range of skills and techniques that they can use to open many locks for easy access to your home and belongings. Fortunately, technology has advanced in recent years. As a result, home security has also evolved. The fingerprint lock is an example of how far security has come. Whether you want to protect your home or office, these locks could be an ideal choice.

Why Biometric Padlocks?

However, security is far from the only benefit. A smart lock instantly eliminates traditional locks’ problems without forgetting where to put the keys or forgetting the combination altogether. With a smart lock, the key was in your hands the entire time. A registered fingerprint is enough to open it, then to re-close the fingerprint lock and make sure your data is protected against theft.

Best fingerprint padlocks In 2022

Below are the best Biometric padlocks available on the market right now in 2022:

  1. AICase Fingerprint Padlock.
  2. MEGAFEIS fingerprint Padlock.
  3. Meisort fingerprint padlock.
  4. OMaggie Fingerprint Padlock.
  5. Master Lock Fingerprint Padlock.
  6. Inovare Fingerprint Padlock.
  7. eLinkSmart Fingerprint Padlock.
  8. IFOLAINA Fingerprint Smart Touch Lock.

1. AICase Fingerprint Padlock

The fact that this fingerprint padlock is so lightweight made us a bit skeptical of its build quality. However, we were pleasantly surprised when we tested it and found that it resisted most of our attempts to penetrate it.

The AICase fingerprint padlock can store Up to 10 different fingerprints. The battery inside will last up to 6-12 months or 9000 times before it needs to be recharged. Plus, it only takes an hour to charge the battery fully.


  • Quite lightweight,
  • 2 years warranty,
  • Incredibly durable,
  • Versatile.


  • It may take some time to set up.

If you want to take that extra step to make sure your home or office is as secure as possible, this fingerprint lock could be a great option.

2. MEGAFEIS fingerprint Padlock

The MEGAFEIS fingerprint Padlock is extremely light and small compared to most of its competitors. This means that you can easily use it in many different situations. It can be used as a gym lock or lock for your bag, and it can even be used as a lock for your door or fence. This is because this fingerprint padlock is waterproof and can withstand humid and wet weather conditions.

When this fingerprint padlock’s battery drains, it remains locked. You can then connect the included micro USB charging cable and then unlock it.


  • Small and lightweight,
  • Affordable,
  • Versatile,
  • Easy to use.


  • No serious complaints have been received yet.

The product is available in three different colors, namely black, blue and gray.

3. Meisort fingerprint padlock

This fingerprint lock allows you to store up to 20 different fingerprints on it, which is very impressive and useful. It is IP66 waterproof, which means you can use it outdoors to withstand rain and snow very easily. The body is made of zinc alloy, while the shackle is made of 303 stainless steel! It is extremely cut-resistant and would take a long time for a thief to penetrate.

You won’t need it, but in case you do, this product also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.


  • Extremely safe,
  • Compact and easy to transport,
  • Easy to use,
  • Economical.


  • No low battery alarm.

All the benefits you can from this biometric access control fingerprint padlock make it worthwhile.

4. OMaggie Fingerprint Padlock

This product has a compact design and the ability to store up to 15 different fingerprints! OMaggie Fingerprint Padlock is a great option for many homeowners who want to have a fingerprint padlock. The product is already used in most public and private offices, libraries, schools, laboratories, and even private homes.

The fingerprint padlock itself has a sturdy structure that you cannot easily defeat. It is especially strong against traditional techniques such as leverage or cutting attacks. It has an aluminum alloy housing with a stainless steel shackle.


  • Long duration battery,
  • Easy to carry around,
  • Very safe,
  • Easy to use.


  • Some say it’s hard to set up.

Since it is quite waterproof and portable, you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

5. Master Lock Fingerprint Padlock

Master Lock has been manufacturing quality locks for years, and the company holds the first patent for the laminated steel padlock. A century later, and they still are. As soon as you pick up this fingerprint lock, a few words immediately come to mind, solid, sturdy, robust, and suitable for long trips; Made from a hardened boron alloy shackle for added cut resistance.

With this fingerprint padlock, all your data is kept safe as no app is required to pair. The setup took a few; it required entering an initial entry code on the well-integrated keypad around the sensor. Once this is done, you can start registering fingerprints.


  • Long duration battery,
  • Nice qualities that many lacks,
  • The battery is easy to charge,


  • Customer service could be better.

A single print is all it takes to easily unlock your device (although you can save up to 10).

6. Inovare Fingerprint Padlock

Inovare’s sleek and shiny silver Fingerprint Padlock features a sleek, minimal design made from zinc alloy and is ideal for lockers, suitcases, and toolboxes at the gym. It’s the best of modern technology without any unnecessary add-ons to complicate it like keyboards, WiFi, Bluetooth, save passwords, or related apps that get access to your phone and information. 

The Fingerprint Padlock is energy efficient: a charge can last weeks, and an included micro-USB cable recharges it quickly when turned off. It can also be stored outdoors in most conditions, as it is resistant to dust and rain due to its IP65 waterproof ranking.


  • No unnecessary add-ons,
  • Minimalist design,
  • Easy to set up.


  • Some say it doesn’t work perfectly under the rain.

You can also program up to 39 fingerprints to add additional users (or more of your own).

7. eLinkSmart Fingerprint Padlock

This compact Fingerprint Padlock has a 1000 mAh lithium battery with an exceptionally long standby time of up to 12 months. An aluminum alloy case and steel bridge resist cutting and lifting and can be unlocked more than 2,000 times before a full charge is required. The device notifies you when the battery is almost empty and charges in less than an hour with the supplied micro USB cable.

Setup is simple and is described in detailed operating instructions with clear illustrations. This fingerprint Padlock can hold up to 20 different fingerprints, enough for the whole family to add a few at a time.


  • Long duration battery,
  • It is easy to configure,
  • Get up to 20 different fingerprints.


  • Some say you’ll move your finger around before it registers.

This fingerprint padlock is very convenient to access. Its style also adds elegance to buildings.

8. IFOLAINA Fingerprint Smart Touch Lock

The body of this fingerprint padlock is made of a zinc alloy. The locking bar is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and is difficult to cut. The settings are similar to the others: press and hold the jumper until it blinks, then start recording your pressure. The difference is that it requires twice the pressure from all angles, avoiding misinterpretations and future unlocking errors.

The rechargeable lithium battery can last up to months on a single charge or even longer with light use and is easily recharged when it reaches zero.


  • Long duration battery,
  • It lasts both indoors & outdoor,
  • It’s Waterproof,
  • The reasonable cost makes it a good investment.


  • Installation is difficult for beginners.

Can add Up to 10 users with a fingerprint lock! No app is required; the IP65 degree of protection means that it can safely stay outdoors in wet and windy conditions.

What To Look For With The Fingerprint Padlock ?

Finding the correct biometric fingerprint padlock is about three things. Size, security, and access! By balancing these three elements, you can narrow down your options fairly quickly.

  • Fingerprint Padlock Size : This mainly depends on the size and weight. Larger locks can be more difficult to mount in a small space. For example, this can prevent you from using the lock on certain types of lockers. The fingerprint padlock’s size also roughly correlates with the protection it provides, as heavier locks are often made from stronger materials.
  • Safety Issues : Is the fingerprint padlock resistant to impact forces? How about some smaller bolt cutters? The gold standard for a padlock, fingerprint lock, or something else is usually stainless steel. It is strong enough to hold anything other than fairly large bolt cutters wielded by someone with enough force to smash their way through a quarter-inch of steel. When it comes to digital security, it’s easy to relax. You may want to know if the fingerprint padlock you have chosen has wireless capabilities, which can add another dimension to security concerns.
  • Share Access : Some locks allow you to open or close them through a Bluetooth-connected app. And how many users can you have on the fingerprint padlock? At least ten are quite common, but some fingerprint padlocks can go much further. How can people’s access be added or revoked? This mainly depends on how many people you are likely to share with.


Most home security providers don’t offer these fingerprint padlocks as part of their service, and you still have to do some shopping to find the right product for your solution. What’s interesting about this review is that the technology keeps getting better. These fingerprint padlock products above are much safer and more secure than anyone can imagine.

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