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Smart Door Locks Works with Alexa makes your home smarter and safer than ever. One of the most important comforts in a home can be installing a smart lock, so you never have to pull out a key again and manage guests more easily. These smart locks for alexa are stylish, easy to install and work with most smart homes.

Can Alexa Lock and Unlock Doors?

Control your Door lock with Alexa

The Answer is Yes, Alexa Can lock and unlock your door lock using voice-command ,Connectivity to Amazon Alexa gives you the added convenience of checking the door right from your couch. There is no need to pause your favorite movie to check if the door is closed or open the door for friends while cooking dinner in the kitchen. So we decided to review the best smart locks for Alexa in this guide.

What Smart Door Locks that Work with Alexa ?

There are some great Smart Lock models at the top of the niche that works with Amazon Alexa:

  1. August Smart Lock Pro.
  2. Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt.
  3. August Smart Lock.
  4. Yale Assure Lock.
  5. Kwikset Kevo Convert.
  6. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt.
  7. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt.

1. August Smart Lock Pro.

The August Smart Lock Pro is a sleek lock that works with most existing deadbolts, so you don’t have to replace your keys to use them. You can lock and unlock the door with an Alexa command, or the door can be unlocked automatically when you approach it with your smartphone.

This alexa door lock is compatible with smart home standards such as Z-Wave Plus and Apple’s HomeKit and contains a Connect-Bridge on which it can work via WLAN. This included bridge is key to that August Smart Lock Pro value, as many other connected Smart Locks require a separate hub to be purchased.

This lock interacts with Alexa to inform you when to replace the batteries, which can automatically reorder. We also like the 24/7 activity feed so you can see when your door and lock have been used and the ability to give keyless access to whoever you want.


  • With Door Sense, you know that the door is tightly closed,
  • Available with WiFi bridge,
  • Sleek and modern design.


  • The auto-unlock feature can be tricky.

2. Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt : Door lock works with alexa

It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, and its users can use the Alexa app to enable or disable the voice unlock feature for their Schlage Smart Locks. This alexa door lock functionality is an enhancement to the current Schlage and Amazon Alexa features. Includes voice lock and front door status verification via Alexa-enabled smart devices! For example, if you tell Alexa to open the door, you will be asked for a PIN, and you will have to say it.

If you answer the wrong PIN, there are three attempts, and if you say the wrong PIN all three times, the door will remain locked for Alexa. You have to open it through the mobile app or manually. Change the PIN occasionally for security reasons as someone can hear you if the window is open as you tell Alexa.


  • You can assign guest codes and share them via SMS or email,
  • The matte touchscreen hides fingerprints,
  • Easy access without a key or phone,
  • The Sense mobile app is simple.


  • Requires a separate hub.

One of Schlage Sense’s benefits is a built-in alarm that goes off when someone tries to open the door.

3. August Smart Lock

The standard alexa door lock is not compatible with HomeKit, even if connected to August Connect. However, it works well with Alexa for much less than the Pro. You can create guest keys for your friends’ phones with a set expiration date. This is an ideal option for Airbnb hosts or anyone who doesn’t want to provide a physical key.

Like its more expensive sibling, this alexa door lock works with your existing lock and keys, so you don’t have to replace them. This August Smart Lock has a Door tech sense that tells you your door is shut or open. Best of all, it automatically locks when you leave and unlocks when you return home.


  • Easy to create and share guest keys,
  • Door sensor technology,
  • Cheaper than the Pro.


  • August Connect Bridge not included,
  • Automatic locking can be difficult with multiple users.

==> Notice : Just be careful because if multiple users come in and out of your house, you can get locked out if you don’t have your smartphone with you.

4. Yale Assure Lock

Yale Assure Lock works perfectly with Alexa. With the additional purchase of a hub, you can manage the alexa door lock anywhere. 250 unique PIN codes can be stored so you can assign codes to guests without revealing the master PIN. You can also block any system code immediately in case something goes wrong. Two physical keys are included. Installation takes just a few minutes and a screwdriver.

It only comes with the lock, but if you prefer to upgrade your entire hardware setup, you can buy packs of different door handles in different styles and colors. This alexa door lock is weather resistant and comes with two physical security keys if you forget your code or something doesn’t work.


  • Installation is simple,
  • Stores up to 250 unique PIN codes,
  • One-touch to lock,
  • Comes with two physical security keys.


  • Requires a separate hub,
  • Automatic locking only works from outside.

Perhaps the best part is that this device is silent, unlike many other locks. The lock is also equipped for use with the Amazon Key service.

5. Kwikset Kevo Convert : Smart lock compatible with Echo

Like the August locks, Kevo Convert only replaces your interior lock, so you don’t have to replace your keys, making it perfect for rental homes. It will automatically unlock when you get close and can be locked automatically after 30 seconds. If you buy the Kevo Connected Hub, you can also operate the lock with Alexa. You can receive notifications when guests walk through the door, and you can set them to have hands-free access to open doors using the Kevo 2 smart lock.

While this alexa door lock does not work with the Amazon Key service, Kwikset offers a Kevo Convert version and several other compatible models. Unlike other options, the Kevo Convert can work with deadbolts from Kwikset, Schlage, etc., making it an even more versatile option.


  • Installation is simple,
  • Easily turn dumb locks into smart locks,
  • Works with Schlage deadbolts, Kwikset, etc.


  • Requires a hub to work with Alexa.

With this Alexa door lock, you can also send e-keys to your guests’ smartphones or lock each guest remotely.

6. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

This alexa door lock has a lot in common with the Yale version, but it has a more practical and spartan look. It’s available in a few traditional colors, including bronze, chrome, and nickel, but matte black is the most attractive option, in my opinion. The lock has built-in WiFi, so no hub is required. The surface is resistant to fingerprints, so your access code will not reveal a sample.

This alexa door lock also works with the Amazon Key program, so you can pair it with connected cameras to see who’s in and out and grant access to trusted visitors and vendors. Amazon currently offers a bundle with an Echo Dot. So if you don’t currently have an Alexa-enabled device or are looking to purchase an additional device, this could be a good value for you.


  • Works with Amazon key,
  • No hub required,
  • Smudge-free keyboard.


  • Expensive,
  • No auto-unlock function.

Although this Alexa door lock supports good functions, it cannot unlock automatically with your device based on your closeness to the door.

7. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt.

Schlage has been manufacturing security products for a long time. So you know you can count on their smart lock. This alexa door lock comes in two different styles, Camelot and Century, and it even comes with an optional door handle that fits perfectly. There have been several updates since Schlage Sense was released.

For starters, it can be controlled via WiFi using the WiFi adapter. This alexa door lock has just been updated with Amazon Alexa voice control, so you can lock and unlock the device with your voice if you need to.

Installation is simple; before you can use the lock, you will need to install it. Fortunately, the process is very simple. First, download the application and create an account. Then tap the Add lock button, select the direction and follow the on-screen instructions.


  • HomeKit and Amazon integration,
  • The app works fine,
  • Easy to install.


  • A little bulky.

If you have a WiFi adapter, you will need to pair it separately. Open the menu and click on the WiFi Adapters option; then press the + symbol in the upper right corner.

What To Look For In Smart Door Locks For Alexa ?

I think we all know Alexa now. If you don’t, Alexa is a virtual home assistant made by Amazon and its Echo line of smart speakers. So look for the following features;

Tracking: alexa door lock must have a tracking feature with history so you can determine who entered your home and when. Great for making sure your teens get home on time!

Using WiFi: WiFi is generally used to control the lock from your smart controller! You could establish a routine where when you say goodnight to Alexa, it begins a routine that turns off the lights, closes the doors, and possibly gives you a weather report. It’s endless what your routine could be. All of this is controlled by your voice!

Must work with Alexa: All of these smart locks work with Amazon Alexa and offer slightly different features and styles. Thus, find the Alexa door lock that best suits your needs, as well as the design of your home so that it blends perfectly with your décor.

Connect your Smart Door lock with Alexa

To connect your Alexa Amazon to Smart lock:

In this video, you will learn how to connect your smart lock to Alexa using the application and a few steps .

In Conclusion: Door Locks for Alexa

With Smart Door Lock Works with Alexa, you can always check the status of your home, even if you are leaving for the day or from the comfort of your bed. These smart locks for alexa are the best, combining an affordable price with easy installation and compatibility.

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